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Reunion Metro District 17910 E Parkside Drive North Commerce City, CO 80022

District Information
District Purpose

Reunion Metro District is a governmental subdivision of the State of Colorado providing homeowners and taxpayers with the following improvements and services:

• Streets and Street Lighting
• Water and Storm Drainage
• Sanitation
• Safety Protection
• Parks and Recreation
• Transportation
• Television Relay and Transmission
• Mosquito Control
• Fire Protection
• Perpetual Maintenance

District Organizational Structure
The Reunion Metro District is governed by a seven-member board of directors and managed by CliftonLarsenAllen Government Consulting Services group with an onsite operations staff. 
District Organizational Chart

Understanding Special District Local Government
Reunion Metro District is a “special district” under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS). A special district is another form of local government in Colorado along with counties, municipalities (cities and towns), school districts, etc.

According to Title 32 of the CRS, special districts, like Reunion Metro District, were created to serve a public use in order to promote the health, safety, prosperity, security, and general welfare of the district’s inhabitants and the people of the State of Colorado.